Exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready to finally feel amazing?

Let’s get you back on track to feeling good

Do you ever wonder how other people do it?

You look around and see others who have the energy to get in a workout first thing in the morning.

They coach their kid’s soccer team after work.

They leave the office with a spring in their step, knowing they were able to focus and get all of their work done for the day…

And yet you feel tired just thinking about cooking a meal or taking a walk around the block.

You’re left wondering what’s wrong and frustrated that you can’t figure it out.

You’ve consulted Dr. Google at least a hundred times.

Poured through Amazon supplement reviews hoping *this next one* will be the magic pill you’ve been looking for.

And visited a doctor more than once who suggested you “eat less, move more” and handed you a prescription…only to be left wondering how the heck you’re supposed to do that…and do you really want to take medication for the rest of your life? 

But here’s the thing…your lack of energy, weight gain, and brain fog? It’s not your fault. 

weight lYou’ve just been a victim of a system that doesn’t actually treat any of the reasons you feel so…meh.

You see, most doctors will help you treat symptoms.

Feeling depressed? Here’s an antidepressant.

Have high blood pressure? There’s a pill for that too.

Blood sugar out of range? Try this medication to get it lower.

Now, I’m not knocking western medicine. It works beautifully if you’ve got a bacterial infection or need surgery.

But it’s just not the right tool to manage or prevent most of the chronic health conditions we face today.

On the other hand — integrative and functional medicine will help you get to the root of the problem.

Many times issues like depression, high blood pressure, weight loss resistance and high blood sugar can be traced back to systemic inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and lifestyle choices.

These are the things we can help you sort out, make a plan for, and conquer. For good. No lifelong dependence on medication required.

Our practice is the perfect place if you:

  • Have been to multiple doctors and can’t seem to get answers
  • Had a doctor tell you that your labs are “normal”
  • Were diagnosed with autoimmune disease and can’t seem to get to a place of peace
  • Keep trying to lose weight but no matter what you do it just won’t budge
  • Are struggling with your energy levels 
  • Find yourself with raging PMS, hot flashes, or other hormonal issues
  • Don’t want to take medication or resort to surgery without trying a less invasive approach first
  • You’ve been on medication but are struggling with side effects. Or you’re having withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the prescription
  • Have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol
  • Want to optimize your health in any way

The results our patients have are extraordinary.

Just a few of the amazing success stories we’ve celebrated:

  • 40 pounds lost in six weeks
  • Autoimmune disease sent into remission in 90 days
  • Insulin resistance completely reversed
  • PMS and PMDD eliminated
  • High blood pressure lowered to healthy range in one month
  • Depression vanished
  • Seasonal allergies conquered permanently
  • Leaky gut totally restored

How can integrative and functional medicine discover and treat conditions that other doctors can’t?

It’s simple. 

  • We have access to cutting edge testing that most doctors don’t. 
  • We are not beholden to any insurance company, HMO, or pharmaceutical representative.
  • We are obsessed with treating the *reason* you are feeling unwell, not just your symptoms.
  • We look at you as a whole person — what you eat, what makes you happy, even your spiritual health and relationships.
  • We view your body as one complete system, not several systems that work independently of one another.
  • We dig deep into your medical history and work like detectives to connect the dots of past illness and symptoms that indicate patterns.
  • We empower you to take control of your health. We don’t want you to be dependent on us, or medications for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer virtual appointments?

Our office is capable of completely HIPAA compliant virtual and in-person appointments. To schedule a free consultation to determine which is the best fit for you, please click here.

Do you accept health insurance?

We do not accept insurance but it’s quite possible your insurance company may reimburse you for out-of-network care. We are happy to provide you with receipts you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Your insurance should cover most medications and lab tests we prescribe if any.

What do your services cost?

3-Month Thrive Energize program — $2,999 (all new patients start with this program)

9-Month Thrive Transform program (offered after initial 3 month program to continue working together for the year) – $3,999

Yearly Membership (offered after first year program)

Metabolic Reset Program — $999 ($1499 value) Non prescription weight loss only program 

Do you offer medications for weight loss?

Yes, and we do it the right way.  We help you build a supportive and healthy lifestyle and use nutrients and supplements to support muscle retention while allowing for fat loss. We also use specific tracking such as body fat composition to assure healthy weight loss.  

What are my next steps?

Please schedule a quick, no-obligation, 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Sethi to determine which plan of action is the best fit for you. You can do so by clicking here.