Ready to take control of your health?

It’s time to finally find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Regain energy. Lose weight. Banish chronic health issues.

Still searching for solutions to your biggest health challenges?

Are you ready to stop searching and finally find answers?

I know how frustrating it can be, bouncing around from doctor to doctor, trying prescriptions that don’t work – or even make you feel worse.

Or, maybe you’ve been told that your bloodwork is normal, and that your chronic health issues are all in your head.

Have you been trying to lose weight, but nothing you do seems to work?

If you’ve been told that your health issues are just something you have to live with – I’ve got news for you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can enjoy thriving health, the body you’ve always dreamed of, and ditch your prescriptions.

You just need a doctor to listen to you.

You need someone to spend more than 5 minutes evaluating your symptoms.

You need a treatment plan that involves more than just a prescription pad.

And this is exactly how our practice is built.

We are an integrative, holistic, functional medicine practice which means we are:

  • Able to test you for things “traditional” medical doctors can’t (or won’t)
  • Ready to help you uncover the root cause of your issues – and solve them (rather than putting a bandaid on them)
  • Enthusiastic about hearing your story
  • Passionate about empowering you 
  • Focused on combining western & eastern medicine philosophies
  • Capable of helping you in-person or virtually 

Here’s what our patients have to say about working with us:

Dr. Sethi is a breath of fresh air! It is a relief to have a doctor who is so invested in treating the whole person. I greatly appreciate the positive impact she has made on my health and life.

Amy H.

I've seen a lot of doctors in a fairly long lifetime. By comparison, Dr. Sethi is, quite possibly, the best doctor I've ever seen. Not only is she attentive and compassionate, but she has a much larger toolbox than most doctors.

Olivia W.

With her prescribed plan, I achieved remission in less than a month. Definitely recommend Dr. Sethi as the doctor to go to for autoimmune, or digestive problems that do not have satisfactory solutions from conventional medicine.

Kaushal G.

Dr. Shelly is an amazing functional doctor. I have been seeing her for over a year after multiple "regular" doctors. She has helped me solve a ton of issues and helped manage all my other practitioners, taking a holistic view of my health, and helping me make a plan that incorporated everything into one.

Ralph D.

Get ready to increase your energy and vitality!

It’s time to take your life back from your health issues.

For too long, we’ve been told that feeling tired, stressed out, and slightly unhealthy is just part of life. 

After 15+ years of helping people regain their energy and confidence with the power of integrative and functional medicine, I can tell you for sure that thriving health and healthy weight is not some elusive, impossible goal. 

You’ve just haven’t been given the blueprint for success. 

Imagine a happy place where your weight is effortless to maintain. Your brain fog is gone. Blood sugar is balanced. Your hormone levels are optimal. Autoimmunity is in remission. Digestion is flawless. Sleep comes easily. And your blood pressure is perfect.

What would be possible in your life?

Think about actually having the energy to play with your kids.

Or having the drive to be competitive at work again — and the mental clarity to pull it off.

What about the worry you could pack away knowing that you’re no longer on the road to more serious health problems like diabetes or heart disease? 

Consider the pride you’d feel if you no longer had to manage your condition with prescription medications that harbor dangerous side effects.

All of this can be yours — you just have to take the first step.

Are you ready to thrive?

When you’re ready to take control of your health and live your best life, here’s how to get started:

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Built to Thrive

My international best seller will help you to become CEO of your health. It’s a practical guide to creating your best health and life through the power of integrative and functional medicine.

Meet Dr. Shelly Sethi

“My passion is empowering you to take control of your health. Watching my patients conquer their health challenges is the most rewarding thing I can imagine. 

I love learning your story so I can set you on the right path. Although I am your doctor, you are the healer.”