I am Dr. Shelly Sethi. I am a family doctor who is fellowship trained in integrative medicine. This means that I want to build a relationship with my patients and clients placing the relationship at the center. I utilize the wisdom of many healing traditions and combine it with the science of conventional medicine to empower my patients and help them thrive. I believe that health is a journey. It is a balance of a few factors, some in your power to change, and some not in your power to change. I want to help you reach your full health potential by partnering with you to help you change the factors that are in your power. These include your diet, your environment, your community, your spirituality and your physical movement. You may not be able to change your genetic map, but you can affect the expression of it.

I hope you will find the information on this site helpful, empowering and most of all transformational.

More to come online, and in my soon to be open personalized medicine practice in Austin, TX.