Nutrition Advisor

Eleni Ottalagana, RDN, LD 

As a Registered Dietitian, Eleni's passion is to improve the health of others through nutrition and
lifestyle changes. Each nutrition session is individualized to meet the needs of every patient she
works with. Eleni motivates each client and provides accountability for long-term success.
At a young age, Eleni was fascinated by natural medicine, herbal remedies and other healing
modalities. She entered the world of holistic health care through her personal journey and desire
to reverse her diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She found that sound nutrition,
functional medicine and therapies like acupuncture and meditation were the reason she was
able to heal. She embarked on a professional journey that would give her the education to
spread knowledge and guide others on their personal health journey.

She has also completed her Reiki Certification, a form of energy healing, which can enhance one's emotional and physical state of being. 

The integration of her training in functional nutrition and energy work has given her the tools to
be the dietitian that focuses on the patient as a whole.

Health Coaching

What can a health coach do for you?

A Health Coach is to your health and well-being as a personal trainer is to your fitness level. Like personal trainers, Health Coaches emphasize action, accountability, and follow through.

It’s not always easy to make changes in nutrition, sleep, and exercise, for example, that are necessary to achieve wellness and life balance. Our health coaches are here to help, by providing education, guidance, inspiration, and support!

Our health coaching approach

Are you satisfied with your current state of health? Are you doing everything you can to be in your best health? We are here to help.

Together we’ll customize your goals suggested by Dr. Sethi and create actionable strategies for achieving them. We set milestones over the course of 6 months that will help you adhere to your custom plan and achieve the desired outcomes.

Bi-monthly or weekly appointments will keep your focus on specific actions suggested at each session. You are invited to work with our health coaches if you enroll in the Lifestyle Essentials Program.  You will be able to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see if this is right for you.  You will also be able to email our health coaches with questions and concerns between sessions to obtain the day-to-day support you need to confidently make changes.

Our 8 month Lifestyle Transformation Program with coaching will support and inspire you in achieving your health goals.