Health Coaching

What can a health coach do for you?

A Health Coach is to your health and well-being as a personal trainer is to your fitness level. Like personal trainers, Health Coaches emphasize action, accountability, and follow through.

It’s not always easy to make changes in nutrition, sleep, and exercise, for example, that are necessary to achieve wellness and life balance. Our health coaches are here to help, by providing education, guidance, inspiration, and support!

Our health coaching approach

Are you satisfied with your current state of health? Are you doing everything you can to be in your best health? We are here to help.

Together we’ll customize your goals suggested by Dr. Sethi and create actionable strategies for achieving them. We set milestones over the course of 6 months that will help you adhere to your custom plan and achieve the desired outcomes.

Bi-monthly or weekly appointments will keep your focus on specific actions suggested at each session. You are invited to work with our health coaches if you enroll in the Lifestyle Essentials Program.  You will be able to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see if this is right for you.  You will also be able to email our health coaches with questions and concerns between sessions to obtain the day-to-day support you need to confidently make changes.

Our 6 month Lifestyle Essentials Program with coaching will support and inspire you in achieving your health goals.



Shefaly Ravula, PA, Culinary Instructor

I love teaching our patients to cook for health and joy!

Food IS medicine and an important part of our healthcare. The right food can move you from disease to wellness, right in your own kitchen!

I’m your guide. I’m a culinary instructor, meal-planning consultant and trained physician assistant with medical knowledge and expertise. My emphasis is on healthy, seasonal, global-inspired home cooking. I’ve been collaborating with Dr. Sethi for years in healthy cooking, nutrition, the anti-inflammatory diet model, and how food is medicine.  I look forward to sharing how a well-stocked pantry and fridge, the right tools, skills, and some planning can guide you to success in eating well, healing, and preventing disease!

Culinary Packages

Culinary coaching with Shefaly includes education, advice, and go-to tools for success in getting healthy food on the table.

The Culinary Intro package includes:

  • A 30 minute consult with Shefaly at Dr. Sethi’s office to go over how to implement the dietary prescription advice given by Dr. Sethi. We also discuss your culinary skill level, knowledge of nutrition, goal-setting, and your questions
  • A personalized two-week digital meal plan that fits your nutritional dietary prescription, emailed after your initial consult. Email support is available during that time for general cooking or recipe questions.

This package is an ideal precursor to our at-home Kitchen Essentials package.

The Kitchen Essentials package includes:

  • A 3 - 4 hour home visit. Shefaly assesses your kitchen and its equipment and provides helpful recommendations.
  • A pantry and refrigerator makeover.
  • Meal planning with custom selected recipes.

This package is an ideal precursor to our beginners cooking classes.

Additional a la carte services are offered. 

Shefaly is very knowledgeable about healthy eating. She gave me lots of reminders and suggestions about how to stock a healthy pantry and what foods are best for meals and snacking. She offered great organizational suggestions as well! I reorganized my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and love cooking and shopping with healthier ideas at the forefront!
— Rebecca, Austin, Texas


Why would I want both a health coach AND the culinary educator?

That is entirely up to you, your experience, and your level of motivation. The culinary educator will provide you with the basic knowledge, skills, and recipes. The health coach will be there to help you implement your plan over a 3 month period, checking in with you and helping keep you on track with your goals.