Dr. Sethi has 15 years experience helping patients with a wide-range of conditions. She focuses on discovering the root causes of what is preventing you from being well.

Conditions best treated by integrative and functional medicine include:

Autoimmune conditions: Do you feel like your disease is out of your control? The role of inflammation is critical in the outcomes of many autoimmune conditions such as thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. Our healing focus is on minimizing inflammatory exposures in your environment and helping restore balance to your immune system.

Digestion: Do you struggle with gut issues? The gut is often the first thing that needs healing. Dr. Sethi addresses the many conditions tied to leaky gut syndrome, such as GERD, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, and poor absorption of nutrients.

Energy, vitality and longevity: Wake up feeling more refreshed.  Stop those afternoon crashes!  Targeted lab testing and the use of specific lifestyle modifications, dietary recommendations, and/or supplements are employed to maximize your optimal well-being.

Hormone health: Are you tired of being told that your labs are all ‘normal”, but you still feel off?  You don’t feel like your best self?  We may need to take a closer look at your hormones. Many conditions such as PMS, menopause, PCOS, low testosterone, irregular menses, thyroid disorders, and adrenal fatigue are helped by resolving issues associated with inflammation, gut health and insulin regulation.

Mental Health: If you are struggling with mental health conditions, but aren’t sure that you want to take medications with all their side effects, did you know that you can improve your mental health by choosing the right foods and improving nutrient deficiencies? Anxiety, depression, uncontrolled stress, difficulty with focus and attention, and other mental conditions are often improved with changes in diet, correction of nutrient deficiencies, commitment to mind-body practices and connection with community and spirituality.

Pediatric Nutrition Consultation: I am a mom.  I understand how confusing it can be to know what the right foods are for our kids to keep them active and healthy.  When they are sick, it is mind-boggling trying to figure out how to help them get better in a natural way without always having to rely on medications.  I can help with natural approaches to health and behavior optimization.  Addressing the role of gut health is vital for brain health.  Reviewing diet, food intolerances and natural supplements and botanicals can be useful and we focus on these and kid-friendly mindful methods such as breath work and yoga in our practice.  

Preconception and Pregnancy Support: If you are planning to conceive, but need some help to prepare you, your family and your environment for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, I can help.  I address nutrition, detoxification and mindful pregnancy and delivery.

Weight Loss: Do you feel like you are eating right and exercising and still can’t lose weight? Learn the real key to weight loss through blood sugar regulation. Blood sugar regulation, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, diabetes and weight loss are addressed through balancing insulin and other hormones implicated in metabolism, along with the use of mind-body practices, nutrition and botanicals. Learn more here:


Natural Treatment of Allergies, Sinus Issues and Acute Illness: Are you looking for natural remedies to treat your seasonal allergies or viral illness? Antibiotics are necessary at times, but we can often use natural supplements to help boost the immune system, fight off viruses or help minimize allergies.  Using time-tested methods can help you stay healthy through the cold and flu season and decrease your bodies response to Austin's high allergy count.