This is a different kind of medical practice.

It is for people who want to commit to feeling better.
It is for those who want to learn the things they can do every day to have more energy.
It is a community of people who want a partnership with their doctor.
It is for those people looking to get to the root of what is making them ill.

If you are looking to create lifelong vitality and energy that allows you to do the things that you love, then we can help you.

We focus on your biology and environment to come up with a plan that is as unique as you are.
We recommend  solutions that are as natural as possible, and help you manage medications if needed.  
We suggest stress-management, nutrient-dense healing foods, evidence-based botanicals and supplements and wearable technology to get you moving and track your sleep.

Our health coach and culinary instructor are dedicated to finding real solutions that work for you in the kitchen, the grocery store, the gym and your own home.

Sometimes just having the information isn’t enough.  
Sometimes having expert, custom support can make all the difference in achieving well-being.

You are not like anybody else. We’re ready to help YOU.

What to expect:

Your first visit will be with me.  This will typically be a thorough and comprehensive visit, lasting 60-90 minutes. Prior to our appointment, I will review all forms covering your medical and personal history that you submit through the patient portal.  If you cannot fill out these forms for any reason, please contact me via email in advance.  

During the visit, I will perform any part of a physical exam that will help us in creating a treatment plan.  Either at the end of the visit, or a few days after the visit, if you have more complex issues that need to be looked at and carefully reviewed, you will get my specific recommendations for specialized lab testing, and prescriptions for your medications, or any botanicals or supplements that we are going to try.  You will also receive specific dietary guidance and tools for stress reduction, sleep and physical movement.

I am not interested in a quick fix, but rather in creating a long-term framework that we will continue to build on and work with together.  This will be a framework and a plan that you own, and can continue to refer to as often as needed.  Additionally, I have noted that the most successful patients, those that achieve lasting change, are often the ones who choose to work with my health coach and/or culinary instructor.

Depending on your needs, I will likely see you for a follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks.  This will be a 30-60 minute visit.  If you are working with the health coach or culinary instructor, all three of us will meet  to review what has or hasn’t been working for you, and alter your plan as needed.  This visit will likely take place 3 months after starting your plan with them.  

You are the creator of your best health.  I am committed to being on that journey with you by sharing my knowledge, providing you with resources, tracking your progress and, most importantly, celebrating your success!